The Function Room at the Romiley Liberal Club is used to hold exclusive weekend parties. Events such as Wedding Receptions, Birthdays, Charity Fundraisers, Christenings, Xmas and Halloween parties are all welcome.

To book the Function Room call 0161 430 2393

The room holds 120 people maximum.
The maximum number of guests is dictated by the fire service and must be strictly upheld. Any guests that arrive after the maximum capacity has been met, will be turned away.
Last orders.
We have no late drinking licence therefore; last orders at the bar will be called at 11pm and service will stop twenty minutes after the announcement. Guests are asked to please buy as many drinks as maybe needed for the last hour of service.
Fourteen tables are available for use as standard.
There may be one or two spare tables if they are needed.
Guests can provide their own DJ or band.
We have ample room on the stage to host live bands or DJ's.
Guests can provide their own food.
Guests may hire their own caterer or provide food themselves, although no electrical heating equipment (microrwaves, slow cookers ect) are allowed on the premisis. We do also provide a very reasonalble buffet service
We have stairs!
The Function Room is on the second floor of the building and guests should consider that before booking if elderly or disabled people will be attending.
Separate entrance and toilets.
The Function Room entrance is separate from the members area. Guests also have a separate lavatory area on the same floor as the Function Room. No baby changing area is currently available and we appologise for any inconvenience caused.
Recently decorated.
The Function Room has recently been decorated and a new ceiling has been put in place. The decor has been kept neutral for the organiser to make-up the room as they see fit. Please only use blue tack not salotape to place pictures and decorations on the walls.
Themed nights.
We will decorate the room for Halloween or Xmas at the organiser's request, however; we do charge for the service. We also have chair covers for hire
Cleaning the room.
Our staff clean the room after the event; although all food products and decorations not supplied by us are the responsibility of the organiser—as stated in the terms and conditions—and must be cleared by the organiser at the end of the night. If the room is left in an unacceptable mannor after the event the deposit may not be returned.
No airconditioning.
There are fan systems in place in all corners of the Function Room but no airconditioning is available.
Music licence.
We have no late music licence and therefore; all music must finish at midnight. The Function Room will then be closed for cleaning.
A deposit of £40 is required to hire the Function Room.
A deposit is taken when booking the room. The deposit is refundable on the night of the event if fifty adults are in attendance. The refund is also subject to any damage caused as a result of any of the guests attending the event.
A guest list is required.
A list of names of the guests attending is required one week before the event, preferably typed. This is for fire regulations and gate crashers.
The Function Room opens at 7.30pm.
Guests can decorate the room from 12.00 noon on the day of the party.
We do not allow any birthday party under the age of 21.
Please no 18th birthdays, school leaving parties or any party where the majority of guests are under the age of 21.
Last orders at the bar is 11.00pm.
We have no late drinking license therefore; the bar will close twenty minutes after last orders has been called. Guests are asked to buy what drinks they will be requiring for the last hour of service.
Music stops at midnight.
We have no late music licence therefore; The DJ will be asked to finish they're set at midnight, promptly. After which the room will be closed for cleaning, and all guests will be asked to vacate the room to the foyer.
No food can be left on the premisis over night.
Any food or buffet not purchased from the Romiley Liberal Club is the responsibility of the organiser of the event. All food must be cleared, taken or removed at the end of the night.
Booking Form
A booking form is required and must be completed to secure the room for the date of the event. The booking form may be filled out in person at the Romiley Liberal Club or one maybe printed out and returned

We are a members only social club. Memberships are £5 for the year and for that you get to join the family. Our staff and members are friendly and respect themselves and the premises. We are open everyday day from two o'clock in the afternoon untill twelve o'clock at night. Last orders is eleven.

We have a full-sized Snooker table that is regulary maintained.

We have both Mens and Womens Darts teams and two Pool teams playing weekly throughout the year.

We have two HDTV areas showing most of the top Sports and Shows.

The building is over 100 years old and we celebrated the centenary in 2013. It has been run by Janet and Eric Lawson and family for over twenty years.